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About Us

about sbm

Welcome To SBM Treatments

SBM Ayur is a GMP and ISO 9001-2000 certified company established in 2003 by scientist Dr.Sreedevi. We have profound 97 formulations which fall in five prime categories. Ayurvedic Patented Medicines, Bio Organic Cosmetics, Nutraceuticals, Classical Ayurvedic Medicines & Lifestyle Products. In this 27 are approved by FSSAI, 12 are Bio Organic Cosmetics, 5 are Classical Ayurvedic Medicines and rest 53 are our Patented Medicines. These are widely classified into six major product lines - Hair Care, Skin Care, Body Care, Lifestyle, Men/ Women and finally Health Supplements.

Our manufacturing hub is capable of fulfilling any requirements worldwide at any point of time. Visionary behind these achievements is Dr. Sreedevi, a naturalist and scientist who spent many years in direct interaction with rural communities to learn ancient tribal formulae and natural medicinal secrets. It is really astonishing to realize that scientist Dr. Sreedevi and her products have become a household name. SBM AYUR has a very strong presence in India, USA, Canada & GCC and our products are available in all consumer shops now in these countries. Aggressive marketing plans have been set out and commenced to penetrate all major markets through out the world from current year onwards.

Our Visionary

Dr. Sreedevi is one of the most renowned names in the field of natural medicine. Successful masters in general biology led her to do a doctoral program in wildlife biology. As a part of her research she spent seven long years in the wilderness of forests.

Dr. Sreedevi is in an eternal quest to uncover the mysteries of nature. Her intense passion to ravish and explore the nature ensued in unfolding the wildlife itself before her. These inspirations from forests and its inhabitants urged her to formulate her own signature preparations. In 2003 Dr. Sreedevi started her own Ayurvedic medicine manufacturing firm, Sri BhagavathyMadom Ayurveda Nikethanam.

SBM Ayurproducts are widely accepted around the globe. Our medicines are recognised by Dubai Municipality as well as Canadian Government. SBM AyurFat Free was handpicked as “The Best Natural Product for Weight Loss & Cholesterol Control” and SBM AyurRejuena as an“Immunity Booster” won the Best Selling Product title in Canada. Dr. Sreedevi was recipient of Best Entrepreneur Award in Kerala in 2011 and Chamber of Commerce upheld her efforts for two consecutive years 2009 & 2010.

One major reason behind the success and huge acceptance of our products other than Dr. Sreedevi’s diligence & imagination is that it embraces veiled tribal secrets. Our medicines are an exceptional blend where traditional remedies meet scientific and modern expertise.